Waist Training Diaries- Part 1

waist training waspieDo corsets really work in training the waist?  Can they make you look thinner?  Can they give you more of an hourglass shape?  Corsettery.com wanted to find out.  So through their Instagram they held a corset waist training contest.  They asked for followers interested in this experiment to submit a short description of why they wanted to try waist training.  The entries were far reaching and heart felt.   Four winners were selected.   They were given a free waist training corset of their choice and were asked to wear it for 30 days, chronicling their experience in a diary they would be displayed on the site corsetty.com.   In this part 1 of this 2 part series, I will discuss the motivations of some of the participants had to do waist training and the beginning results.  In the second part of the series, I will talk about the conclusion of the 30 day contest and what can be learned from it.

The common theme of those interested in waist training, not surprisingly, is that they want to waist train to look and feel better about themselves. The specifics though differed.  Several of those interested, had had several children and had felt they had lost their body shape and sex appeal.  Waist training would be an opportunity for them to feel good about themselves again   Similarly, another group felt that they had let them go a bit physically and their body was not in shape like it was in the past.  These individuals wanted to use waist training as part of a bigger plan to lose weight, get healthy and look and feel good again.  One individual wanted to use waist training to help her body get back into balance as she has suffered with some conditions that have caused her body to look in her opinion out of whack.   Others were simply interested in exploring waist training.  They were overall happy with their body but wanted to try to refine what they already have.

waist training diaries and reviewsAfter reading many, many entries, Corsettery selected 5 participants for its waist training diaries.  The contestants chose several different types of corsets ranging from white cotton fitness edition, to a beautiful pink satin underbust to a small black waspie.  All corsets from corsettery.com are made with steel bones, very high quality fabrics and sturdy construction so are ideal for waist training.

The first week or so for the participants was the break in or seasoning period.  This is an important stage to remember because it adjusts you to wearing a corset and adjusts the corset to your body.  The amount of time it takes depends upon such things as their experience with waist training, the amount of tightening they are seeking and the fabric of the corset being worn.  One participant decided to wear her corset for 30 minutes the first day and increase by 30 minutes each day for 5 days and maintaining about 2 ½ hours of wearing for 5 days per week.  Another contestant who had worn corsets previously started more aggressively and worked quickly up to 4 hours per day.  A third contestant was able to sleep in her corset in order to increase the effect.  The most important thing to remember here is to listen to your own body and what it needs.  Some will need to break in their corset very slowly while others can jump right in.

So…..   The contest was created.  Applicants applied.   Winners chosen to participate.  The corsets have been broken in.    What happens next?  How successful was the experiment?  All will be revealed in Part 2 of this two part series.  Check back to find out the exciting results.