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Crossdressing with Corsettery

corset for crossdressingWelcome to Corsettery from Lisa ~ Corsettery Brand Ambassador!
Hello, my name is Lisa. I have been a lifetime cross-dresser. I consider myself to be a respectable lady with tasteful fashion style. In January 2016, I started my journey as a corset wearer. After researching and contacting an online corset company, I purchased several corsets. With the guidance of the company’s videos, I learned how to break-in my corsets, how to lace myself into my corsets, and eventually how to become an avid corset wearer!
Within a few months, I found a wonderful corset company online named “Corsettery!” I was immediately in love with the uniquely beautiful and diverse selection of corsets! I was also intrigued by the “Work at Corsettery” page!
Within a few weeks, I was Skyping with Irina and Robert from Corsettery. I became a Corsettery Brand Ambassador! I also became a Corsettery model!


custom made male corsetI welcome all ladies (which includes cross-dressers) to my new blog! I will share my experiences, knowledge, thoughts, and feelings as an avid corset wearer. Please read my articles and become an avid corset wearer with the most beautiful and the best corsets from Corsettery!







My make up tips for a luxury and glam look for you.
1. The perfect red lipstick of a perfect color for example:
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo

2. My perfect brushes set that I find the most comfortable and great to use is looking like this


3. For eyes I prefer natural colors that create just a slight glimse of shadow
Mac Eye Shadow X 9: AMBER TIMES NINE


4. And to underline the sense of female I finish my image with a luxury perfume. Among my favorite are
Balmain Ambre Gris For Women By Pierre Balmain Eau De Parfum Spray 2.5 oz

Christian Dior J’Adore Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce

waist training waspie

Waist Training With Corset: Fact and Fiction

There is much information out there about wearing corsets to train your waist.  Some of it is helpful and accurate but some it totally misleading and false.  This article is a primer to understanding the truth about waist training.

  • All corsets can be effectively used for waist training.

luxury grey waist training corsetFALSE   Though all corsets may look similar they are not all effective to waist train.  In order to effectively waist train, a corset must be extremely well made with materials that maintain their shape, with double rows of steel bones to support and train (plastic bones are ineffective) and cut in such a way to be both comfortable and effective.  When choosing a waist training corset, be careful to choose one that meets these criteria. Read more about quality of real corsets.

  • Waist Training Corsets can be used to reduce the waist by up to 8 inches.

TRUE.  When used consistently, a waist training corset can give you that beautiful hourglass figure reducing your waist by up to 8 inches.  Be patient though.  It can be a gradual process.

  • Sizing for a corset is similar is simple

TRUE AND FALSE.  With a little guidance, finding the perfect sized corset is quite simple.  Speaking with a trainer professional is highly recommended because they will ask you about your waist training goals, your experience as well as the measurements that are truly important to know.  Once you have your size, obtaining the corset this is suitable for your body is easy.

FALSE.  Both underbust and overbust corsets can be equally effective to waist train.  The determination of which type to choose is one of personal preference and comfort.  Some women prefer to wear a bra or pasty and thus chose an underbust corsets.  Other women chose an overbust corset so they will not need to wear a bra.  Also, some women prefer the look of one style over another.

  • It is safe and effective to sleep in your waist training corset

TRUE.  Many women find it very effective to sleep in their corset.   It is often recommended to loosen the laces an inch or more though to allow your body to relax a bit more during sleep.  This is mostly though a question of personal preference.  Try sleeping in your corset and see how it works for you.

  • I should take off my corset when I eat

FALSE:  This is another situation where each person should try it and find out what works for them.  Many women just loosen their corset a bit before eating and have no problem.   In fact, many women say that the compression of the corset makes them feel full faster which can help them eat less and lose weight.

  • Corset wearing is painful and uncomfortable

underbust corset under clothesFALSE:  As with new shoes and other clothes, there is a breaking in period to wearing a corset, so take it slow as the material adjusts to your body.  But when you have chosen the correct size, and your body has adjusted to the compression, corsets should feel snug but not uncomfortable.

  • Waist Training corsets can be worn discreetly

TRUE: Waist training corsets can easily be worn under clothes without being noticed. Especially in you choose not very tight clothes. The best clother for wearing corset under them are: dresses with belts, skirts with high waist.  This allows a person to waist train in a wide variety of their daily activities. (Underbust corset 901 is used under the dress on the photo)


Enjoy the many benefits that waist training can provide.

Waist training diaries with Corsettery after almost a month

Our experiment with waist training is lasting almost a month. And here are some tips and reviews and results from our waist trainers.

They have chosen different corsets, they are all of different sizes and they all have their own goals and journey.

Waist training cotton waspie at hot Summer days.

Sleeping in waist training corset

Tips and waist training review after almost a month of waist training.

Put your shoes on first

And here are results from another our waist trainer that used to wear underbust satin corset with double rows of bones. A plus size waist training diary. So her results are really impressive and here are some tips:

waist training with corset results I’m training 6 hours 4 days a week, 2-4 hours 2 days a see, and one day off. Coupled with healthy eating, exercise and tons of walking, it’s been amazing!
I’m not going to lie and say it’s not a little weird feeling, but I wouldn’t say painful. The only painful part is getting it broken in or “seasoned”, which takes a while. I would just wear it for a few hours every night til it got annoying. Honestly though, it takes a bit of getting used to. Just like wiring out, don’t push yourself, slowly work yourself up, and take a day off.
Be patient, listen to your body, don’t overdo it. Put your shoes on first. Don’t be freaked out of it looks weird the first few times you try it on. Don’t use it as a way to alter your body, but to improve it. Don’t force the clasps in the front. Always loosen it all the way before unclasping.


A second week of waist training in our white cotton steel-boned corset gave result in -2 inches in waist.

And also a new waist training diary is beginning with black satin waspie.


Waist training diaries: week one.

We have chosen several beautiful ladies of different sizes and shapes from our Instagram followers and sent them different styles of our steel boned corsets. They share their experience and feelings about wearing our corsets and using them for tight lacing and waist training.

So week one of experiment called #waisttrainingvolunteers.

Corset number one is classic waist corset from black satin of 18″ in waist. At the start it seems so small that it is hard to believe that it is possible to fit into it!

waist training diaries and reviews

Second corset is plus size undebust corset of 32″. It is worn under clothes.

waist training reviewswaist training reviews


Third corset is a classic custom made cotton waspie of 38 size (26″ waist).

Our waist training volunteer is wearing it every day for 5 and more hours and make every day video about waist training with steel boned waspie at her Youtube channel. Follow it if you want more!

waist training reviews and diaries

waist training reviews and diaries
After 5 hours of wearing corset

Fourth corset is a cupless plus size overbust corset top. At the beginning corset seems to fit absolutely not perfect. It was specially created thinner than regular in waist and it looks like first week it is impossible even to lace it up. But the shape of corset was specially created for making waist thinner and from the front it looks amazing. Let’s see what will happen in next few weeks!

20150713_200218 20150713_200325

Top 5 of the best waist training corsets

Corset shopThe first waist training corsets appeared in ancient Crete and were male. It was fashionable for handsome warrioirs to have visible waist line. Now waist training with corset again becomes extremely popular. Dramatic curves became so popular because of burlesque queen Dita von Teese and Kim Kardashian’s hourglass shapes.

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the difference between quality authentic corset and cheap

Quality of our corsets

custom made corsets

If you are looking for really exceptional quality waist training corsets you should be sure that corset is created according to all technologies and from the best quality materials. Be sure that you are ordering your corset from real corset manufacturer that will provide you extra services such as custom made changes or custom individual size.

Our corset store offers fine quality corsets in the USA just from real corset maker. Each corset is handmade by the same master from the start till the end. It may take up to 9 hours to produce one corset.








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