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luneville couture embroided corset

Couture luxury embroided corsets by Corsettery

For one of a kind haute couture look we have launche a true luxury option – hand made embroidery of our corsets and clothes. Each peace of embroidery is handmade by embroidery artist, couture embroidery trainer and our art director Irina Pyilyowa .

luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset

With a sense of unique museum art each project is created exclusivly during several weeks. We use only really luxury materials – luneville hook French embroidery techniques, real pearls of black, grey, white or nude colors, shiny and bright crystalls of all possible colors, shapes and sizes, mother of pearl flowers, hand died silks and only high quality Roman tulles.

luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset

If you are looking for a true masterpiece and are ready to become an owner of a really unique piece of art that will be a part of your family heritage you can apply at to discuss creation of embroidery personally for you. It can become a part of our corset or other clothes or can just go to you as embroidery applique.

luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset

To book individual, corporate or group luneville embroidery training please apply at

luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset

luneville couture emvroided corset
Work in process

luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset

luneville couture emvroided corset

luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided corset luneville couture emvroided brooch

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mermaid outfit

The Mermaid Fairytail in Corsettery Couture

We all know this sad story of a little mermaid that exchanged her beautiful tail for a pair of legs. Corsettery has created wonderful fantasy photo project with luxury bespoke outfits that are showing how incredible can be a little Mermaid waiting for her prince. We have created a couture set of a dark golden satin long very full skirt with a deep cut and a structurally shaped firm cotton corset with golden busk and peplum hip line.

We have made this absolutely exclusive dark gold like a sand, white like a sea foam outfit to show how we see this romantic, beautiful and sad story of a true love that took place near the dark green deep sea.

mermaid outfitmermaid princess Mermaid photoshot

Crossdressing with Corsettery

corset for crossdressingWelcome to Corsettery from Lisa ~ Corsettery Brand Ambassador!
Hello, my name is Lisa. I have been a lifetime cross-dresser. I consider myself to be a respectable lady with tasteful fashion style. In January 2016, I started my journey as a corset wearer. After researching and contacting an online corset company, I purchased several corsets. With the guidance of the company’s videos, I learned how to break-in my corsets, how to lace myself into my corsets, and eventually how to become an avid corset wearer!
Within a few months, I found a wonderful corset company online named “Corsettery!” I was immediately in love with the uniquely beautiful and diverse selection of corsets! I was also intrigued by the “Work at Corsettery” page!
Within a few weeks, I was Skyping with Irina and Robert from Corsettery. I became a Corsettery Brand Ambassador! I also became a Corsettery model!


custom made male corsetI welcome all ladies (which includes cross-dressers) to my new blog! I will share my experiences, knowledge, thoughts, and feelings as an avid corset wearer. Please read my articles and become an avid corset wearer with the most beautiful and the best corsets from Corsettery!







My make up tips for a luxury and glam look for you.
1. The perfect red lipstick of a perfect color for example:
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo

2. My perfect brushes set that I find the most comfortable and great to use is looking like this


3. For eyes I prefer natural colors that create just a slight glimse of shadow
Mac Eye Shadow X 9: AMBER TIMES NINE


4. And to underline the sense of female I finish my image with a luxury perfume. Among my favorite are
Balmain Ambre Gris For Women By Pierre Balmain Eau De Parfum Spray 2.5 oz

Christian Dior J’Adore Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce

Corsettery Family Look

full luxury floral baby skirtCorsettery is a premium quality brand of clothes started itself like an authentic corsets brand was launched by two partners, both of them are parents. So it was just a question of time when after creation of Compliment Skirts Collection it will include family look full skirts for girls.

Little girls adore to wear clothes like their moms especially if they are so classy and amazing as Corsettery. That is why we decided to repeate sweet classy designs of our skirts created of the same luxury fabrics as for moms: brocades, floral cotton, denim in our kid’s collection.

Continue reading “Corsettery Family Look”

Wild Wild West Corsets From Center of Country Music – Nashville!

Western style has become extremely fashionable and popular over the last several years. To honor this cool Western style, we have created collection of premium quality Western style corsets using the best fabrics, genuine leather, real suede and all our technologies of creating the high quality products. These beautiful designs have been created in the very heart of Western style- Nashville, Tennessee/ And now we present to you 5 perfect Western corsets that are suitable for different occasions – from everyday casual looks till super luxury western steampunk!

Denim overbust corset from Corsettery Western Collection, steampunk, circus cosplay, historical corset, gift, pirate, blue denim corset Denim overbust corset from Corsettery Western Collection, steampunk, circus cosplay, historical corset, gift, pirate, blue denim corsetDenim Western Overbust Corset

Denim is traditionally a classic fabric for Western outfits. A denim corset top can be used to create a casual look, a classy look with even a hint vintage. We have added classic denim orange stitching to underline the shape and form of this amazing corset.





Denim waist steel-boned authentic corset. Corsettery Western Collection. Tight lacing and waist training, steampunk, gothic, pirate Denim waist steel-boned authentic corset. Corsettery Western Collection. Tight lacing and waist training, steampunk, gothic, pirateDenim Western Waist Corset

Waist denim corset with western style buttons is perfect for almost every outfit! It can be just a casual everyday corset for waist training or can be used to create true vintage Western style. It is a great idea for your steampunk fantasies and creations.





Steampunk western brown suede real underbust corset Steampunk western brown suede real underbust corsetBrown Real Suede Underbust Corset

We couldn’t avoid including our most popular waist training style 901 into this collection! We have chosen high quality brown suede to create this corset to make it suitable for your Spring and Summer country outfits or your steampunk looks!





Real sheep brown leather exclusive corset from Corsettery Western Collection, steampunk, circus cosplay, real leather corset, gift, pirate Real sheep brown leather exclusive corset from Corsettery Western Collection, steampunk, circus cosplay, real leather corset, gift, pirateReal leather overbust corset with frill.

Absolutely perfect style of brown leather corset with its copper buttons will be suitable to a lot of your gowns from true steampunk styles and even pirate cosplay costumes to just casual everyday looks.




Real sheep brown suede exclusive corset from Corsettery Western Collection, steampunk, circus cosplay, real leather corset, gift, pirate Real sheep brown suede exclusive corset from Corsettery Western Collection, steampunk, circus cosplay, real leather corset, gift, pirate Real sheep brown suede exclusive corset from Corsettery Western Collection, steampunk, circus cosplay, real leather corset, gift, pirateOverbust Brown Suede Cowboy Corset

The premium quality Corsettery overbust corset made of real suede and decorated with frills can be irreplaciable detail of your wardrobe. It is a pure perfection for your most favorite jeans or floral silk dresses, it is super suitable for your cosplay and steampunk ideas, it is just the best corset for creating Cowboy look!

The Swetest Compliments For Your New Amazing Skirt!

Every woman is wonderful and incredible and every woman and girl loves to receive compiments! We have created our Complimets Skirts Collection that includes only the top premium quality skirts for the most desired compliments! We have been designing them for several months and created exclusive author’s patterns that provide fashionable shape and form for your new skirt. You can be sure that your skirt will look incredible even after years of wearing. That is why we have chosen only most popular and stylish classy styles that will be fashionable for a lot of years. Corsettery premium quality provides true eternal classy style.

White cotton mini skirt with tail White cotton mini skirt with tailWow, that trail!

Perfect mini skirt of structural shape created from thick 100% cotton that has a super stylish stairs trail. The skirt is created to show your wonderful long streight legs and at the same time to add some luxurious style with absolutely gorgous trail. Skirt has a special pattern and design that allows to support form showing thin waist and adding some sweet volume to hips. It is absolutely the best mini skirt ever! It can be created in white, light blue, dark grey, black and incredible sand cottons.


Very Tender! Exclusive full shaped skirt till knees from shiny luxury white brocade with leaves pattern. Very Tender! Exclusive full shaped skirt till knees from shiny luxury white brocade with leaves pattern.Very tender!

Very tender! is a luxury skirt of shiny white brocade till knees. It is a classy shaped skirt with high waist covered by sweet pattern of leafs. Skirt has full shape by itself without any pettycoat because of a special exclusive design of lining. Choose this skirt for your prom, wedding or even just casual everyday Spring and Summer looks.




denim full new look high waisted skirtVery denim!

Classy shaped skirt till knees that has a perfect form of New Look style created of the most comfortable and casual fabric – denim! The skirt has special exclusive lining that supports shape of the skirt without any pettycoats. To underline “simplicity” of this absolutely premium quality skirt we have added bricks color stitching. Choose this luxury and casual style for your everyday activities like studying, work or walking with friends.




Terribly floral! Exclusive full shaped maxi skirt from thin exclusive floral cotton fabric. Terribly floral! Exclusive full shaped maxi skirt from thin exclusive floral cotton fabric. Terribly floral! Exclusive full shaped maxi skirt from thin exclusive floral cotton fabric.Terribly Floral!

Terribly Floral! is what people will say when they see you in your maxi skirt created of this stunning fabric with floral print. Maxi skirt that is incredilby suitable for Spring and Summer looks and at the same time to Autumn. It looks casual and luxury at the same time. Choosing this style you can be sure that you are buying a top quality designer skirt. It has exclusive lining of brown satin that is created to support full shape. We allowe custom length of the skirt so you will be able to decide do you want it will floor or higher or maybe even with little trail at the back if you want this style for wedding or prom! This skirt was created to gift you happiness and positive.

Exclusive full shaped skirt till knees from shiny luxury dark black and blue brocade. Exclusive full shaped skirt till knees from shiny luxury dark black and blue brocade.Simply Gorgeous!

Absolutely luxury looking classy high waisted skirt till knees from night blue and black brocade that will shine like a night sky at the sun and light. Skirt was created to add some classic to your everyday style, it is perfect for special occasions and at the same time can be chosen for everyday looks. It has full shape without any pettycoat just with the help of special high quality lining.



Exclusive full shaped skirt with pockets from thin cotton of blue, white, black or sand colors. Classy vintage new look style. Exclusive full shaped skirt with pockets from thin cotton of blue, white, black or sand colors. Classy vintage new look style.Ah, So Cotton!

Ah, So Cotton! is our best casual everyday style of the skirt – cotton full skirt with high waist till knees with pockets at the sides. The design that is actual in all times! Perfect skirt if you want to look fashionable and stylish everyday. We have cotton of different colors so you will be able to change your Ah, So Cotton! skirt from day to day! It is an absolutely must have style that doesn’t need any pettycoat because of exclusive lining that provides perfect shape.


Just Breathtaking! Exclusive full shaped maxi skirt from thin exclusive floral pink brocade with gold. Skirt with trail. Just Breathtaking! Exclusive full shaped maxi skirt from thin exclusive floral pink brocade with gold. Skirt with trail.Just Breathtaking!

The name of this skirt tells everything about it! One of the most luxury looking maxi skirt of light pink brocade with incredible golden pattern! We can create you skirt of custom length – till floor, with tail or just everyday length a bit higher than floor. Skirt is created for ladies that are not afraid to look really luxury! Choose this style for your fashion street looks, events, meetings with friends or prom and even weddings!

The Luxury of Bespoke Corsetry

Vintage red and black corset with luxury laces
Our exclusive corset decorated with 3 yards of wide Chantilly laces.

So you have decided to buy your first corset and have a lot of questions and the main is how to be sure that corset will fit perfect. Especially if you have outstanding proportions that are far from regular sizes.

I am selling corsets for more than 7 years, putting them on on women of a lot of different shaps and sizes. During all that time I was looking how corset of regular sizes will fit. Very often it fits good, especially if you just want a regular waist corset or waspie. But what if you have big bust and want overbust corset? Or want to make wide hips thin waist shapes? The only answer is to create corset that will be made according to your personal measurements.



Big bust in corset
Our Lithuanian customer in her custom made corset

And here we meet another problem – bespoke clothes are really expensive if you go to the tailor. That is why buying custom made corset online through our site is a real opportunity to have an absolutely luxury corset created according to your measurements or even design and not to overspend.

We have tryed hard and spent several years on making all our production processes work such way that we can reduce our spends on a lot of things like stock, areas on shop, some logistic issues and so on and invest in our outstanding quality and creating absolutely perfect corsets individually. We believe that if you want an outstanding quality corset you don’t need to pay a lot of additional spends that is why we are making analyze of our spends and trying to figure out how to make them less each time.

After years of experienc we have found out how to receive all needed information from customer, how to make corset not too small in hips and bust and perfect in waist, so even if you are at another part of the world you will be able to receive absolutely perfect corset.



Wonder woman cosplay costume
Our painting of the leather parts of Wonder Woman cosplay costume

Sometimes it may take several days to create the painting of corset that we are going to make, discussing it with our customer. And we are always very involved into process loving difficult projects and nonstandard decisions. We are happy to find out way how to turn into corset the dress or costume of your favorite hero from a movie or even computer game and how to create it in the most similar way.

We have several social net accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter, Etsy) that help us to be opened to wishes of corset lovers all over the world. Your opinion is really super important for us and we try to find out all possible issues that we need to solve to improve our corsets each time.




steampunk gothic luxury corset
The Steampunk “close to nature” leather corset created exclusivly for Australian photoshot, now is available to order.

We are growing everyday and first of all is growing our quality and abilities and our collections. We believe that one or two people are unable to be successful in all design styles that is why we adore collaboration with people of different styles and areas asking them to create us designs that will be sold under our brand and their name together. We have already created several lines of corsets that will like people of different subcultures: we have created absolutely luxury boudoir Lace Addicted collection of corsets that is covered by amazing tender laces, we are working on the line of gothic corsets slowly increasing it with very beautiful Porcelain Panic, we have finished absolutely outstanding and stylish Old Hollywood Couture collection with amazing Doris Hobbs ( that includes wonderful corsets, skirts and accessories inspired by looks from old photos, movies and vintage tailor books; we have started to create collection of cute pinup corsets together with our brand ambassador – singer and song writer Nicole Barkaszi (Luna) and it will contane some super actual and brave styles of corsets the same as very cute and sweet corsets.

authentic luxury corsets
Nicole Barkaszi wearing our satin and goldish mesh waist corset

We are happy always to receive reviews and feedbacks about our work, we love to see photos of real people in our corsets, we pay attention to every possible issue that can make customer unhappy. That is why we honestly show the process of our work, pictures and even videos of corsets in life, we have opened store on Etsy to collect buyers reviews.

We are building the best corset brand in the US and maybe even in the world everyday and we believe that only very close cooperation with all of you and can help us to grow and develop our brand into leading corsetmaking company. And the main our priority is create absolutely perfect exclusive corsets made according to personal measurements and to be sure that we are providing the best quality and the best prices.






cusom made authentic leather corset
Exclusive long hips line leather gothic or punk corset
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Boudoir corset from Lace Addicted collection
Vintage red and black corset with luxury laces
Old Hollywood Collection corset decorated with luxury Chantilly laces





stylish gothic corset
Exclusive gothic corset

How Many Underbust Corsets Do You Need?

custom made waist training corsetIt is not a secret at all that underbust and waist corsets are very popular. Almost 80% of corsets that we sell are different styles of underbust and waist. People just love them. So how many underbust corsets you may need? First of all the best underwear styles of corsets are underbust. They are invisible under clothes, it is more comfortable to wear. So if you need to make your waist thinner fastly underbust corset is what you need.



If you have a very slim body and want to create a hourglasses shape using small corset and to wear it under your clothes the best style for you is of course waspie. Underwear waspie is made of satin or cotton but inner material is always a cotton.

custom made plus size corsetIf you want corset also to cover your lower parts of belly and underbust take a look on one more very popular high quality style of corset: underbust corset with double bones 901. Such style of corsets is suitable for both small size and plus size andhas a special wide hips line that is created to make the difference between hips and waist even more noticeable. Please note that if you are looking for dramatic curves (very thin waist and very wide hips) measurements of corset in hips should be bigger than in waist on 12 inches and more.

And again the same as waspie this underbust style of corset is made of a lot of fabrics, for underwear is the best cotton and satin.



If you are looking for stylish underbust corset that will be a part of your outfit, maybe even cosplay, gothic or steampunk look you will have much bigger choice of materials and fabrics for this: velvet, real sheep leather, PVC, corsets with metal decoration.

steampunk leather corsetUsually people prefer underbust corsets for steampunk outfits. It allows to add suitable cotton shirt under it.








woman in maroon suede corsetFor steampunk look choose corsets of brown leather or leather and brocade. Velvet or fake suede underbust corsets are mostly creating vintage, gothic or sometimes pinup look. For such classic gowns we have a special designs of classic Victorian corsets that are repeating shapes of corsets of past ages.







Do you need different corsets according to season of a year?

Of course it is always better to use natural cotton fabrics at summer and to choose leather, velvet, satin at other time of a year. It is also very suitable to have corsets of several different colors: classic black and beige, white and something more bright like cherry or dark blue. Don’t forget also to have one or two leather waspies of regular colors that you will be able to use instead of belt or girdle.

When Do You Need A Custom Made Corset?

custom made waist training corsetA lot of brands and shops are offering you numerous amount of ready corsets, some of them are affordable, some of them can be expensive, some can be of super high quality, other’s can be of lower quality. But even if you found high quality corsets with steel bones at the store you still can be not happy because they are not exactly what you need.

So when you may need custom made corset?

  1. When you are looking for something exclusive or made just for you. You are creating a cosplay outfit? Or you want to shine at your prom and invented a style suitable for your skirt? You are producer or costume manager at the movie? You are working on costumes for burlesque show? You just want to have the corset that has your favorite hero at movie or even computer game. In such case you may try to find something similar among ready corsets. But it is better to order your own custom made corset at corsetmaking company that provides only high quality authentic corsets. Of course you always can go to the tailor, but usually the price of such corset will be times more expensive and at the same time this product won’t be created according to all technologies of corset making. It is always much better to order corset at the place where people are creating corsets professionaly and have all needed machines and equipment and details.
  2. Big bust in corsetYou want corset of sizes that are different than regular. What does it mean? You may want to have a super hourglasses shapes because you are a waist trainer with experience. Hourglasses shapes are created by corset with the difference between waist and hips in 12″ and more. Usually regular sizes offer not more than 10 inches difference. It is made because people without waist training experience won’t be able to handle so big waist reduction (that sometimes san be 10″ and more). At the same time you may have bust or hips that are bigger or smaller than regular sizes. For such people Corsettery offers a special option called Individual size that allows to create your own size.
  3. You want to add or change detail in regular style of corset – to add a strap around neck or to take it away, to make underbust corset in style of overbust top that you have found at our site, you want to have a corset with high back or anything else. It is for sure a reason to apply for your own custom made individual corset.
  4. You are owning a shop or a store and you want to sell corsets there. And the main is that you want them to be made according to your own designs, to offer something exclusive to your buyers and something that will be in style of your shop. Apply and we will gladly create your own individual collection that will be sold only by your shop and offer you wholesale prices.

How does it work

If you realised that regular style or size of corset doesn’t fit you and you want to make something new you may:
– contact us directly at where we will discuss what exactly you need and then send you Paypal invoice or you may choose style of corset and Individual size option there and add your measurements to the notes of corset.

How much does it cost?

Here at Corsettery we are creating each corset individually no matter if it is regular or custom. So it won’t cost more than the same corset of regular size or style.

What measurements I will need for custom corset?

To create a corset we need measurements of your bust around nipples (for overbust corset, please put on bra if you want to wear corset with bra), underbust, wait and hip bones for all corsets and the waist of corset that you want to have.

Email order corset onlineIf you have questions about creating custom made corset please contact us.

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Top 9 Leather Corsets

A real leather corset is a super stylish piece of clothes that can be part of fancy outfit or just a casual everyday accessory or top. That is why we offer a lot of classic corset styles from leather, but also a lot of exclusive styles of leather of different colors: from black and brown till pink, red and white. And we are also happy to create any custom made corset design. So let’s start to review our top leather corsets that are sold all over the world from USA and Canada till France, Netherlands, Australia, Hong-Kong, Austria, Brasil and so on and on.

exclusive long leather corset 1. Our exclusive style of leather corset that is a special long edition corset with a frill. This corset shapes all of your torso and adds volume to your hip line. This cupless corset is suitable for a luxury look if you want to create a really expensive and at the same time simple look at the stage, photoshot or just wearing it out.

In black color it makes a gothic or rock look, at brown leather it will be exclusive steampunk corset and at pale pink, red or white it is super stylish wedding cupless top.





stylish gothic corset2. This is our exlusive design corset made by the sketch of PorcelainPanic – a super stylish cosplayer, gothic costume and make up lover and youtuber. This corset style is available in black gothic look, in brown steampunk look, in red and white pinup style and in just pure white wedding look. So colors of corset can absolutely change the all outfit and your intense.

It is not surprising that this style of corset is one of the most favourite and popular among fashion corset lover all over the world. Take you chance to own this wonderful piece of corset design.





white leather corset real photowedding in leather corset white leather sample 3. This is a super popular classic Victorian corset made from white leather. Corset has two options: overbust and halfbust top, also we offer you white leather corset in our exclusive long design corset.

This high quality corset can be an amazing part of your wedding, cosplay, fetish or just casual outfit.

It doesn’t matter what you will choose but you can be always sure that this expensive authentic leather corset will make you look stylish and luxury in any way.






real leather custom made corset4. A pure classic overbust black leather corset top without cups. It is a perfect Victorian corset created from a high quality black real leather.

There is almost no need to say that this style of corset is a great part of any wardrobe abd will always be fashionable and suitable no matter of ages. So we think it is a totall must have corset for everyone.






pink real leather waspie corset5. One more must have real leather corset style. Corsettery has created for you a great accesory for every occasion and every gown. It is a perfect double bones waspie leather corset that can be made of high quality leather of any color: pink, red, white, brown and of course classic black. This corset has a super affordable price and high quality as each Corsettery corset. It is a super popular leather girdle that you can have in several colors and wear depending upon your mood and style.



Corset shop


steampunk leather corset6. One of the best classic steampunk corsets – brown leather corset with straps and metall decorations. Corset has steel bones and is created according to all traditions and technologies of corsetmaking. So you will be sure to have a super high quality corset.







Real leather rock corset with metal7. This is an outstanding piece of a classic glam rock design corset – a brutal leather corset with metall and lacing. The zipper of corset is additionally supported by lacing so you will be sure that you can lace up corset as tight as you wish and zipper won’t be damaged.







baby pink real leather corsetpink real leather corset8.  One of our super popular styles – sweet candy baby pink leather corset. It is a great casual tender corset suitable for everyday wearing.

It is a great choice for ladies that are looking for simple but luxury everyday cupless top that can be worn with dresses, skirts and jeans.

Wonderful combination of light pink color and high quality leather makes this corset one of the best choices ever.


cognak brown real leather waist corset cognak brown real leather waist corset9. Classic waist leather corset created from cognack brown leather. It is a great steampunk western corset and at the same time wonderful accessory for casual clothes. That makes this high quality leather corset one of the best sellers among all. If you are looking for something special and at the same classic and suitable for a lot of outfits take a look at this outstanding corset.





Corset shop

Corsettery On Etsy!

For fans of real authentic handmade custom made corsets Corsettery started their Etsy Store.

Unique styles, feedbacks, worldwide shipping, custom made styles and sizes, special sales and coupons and a lot of other treats for lovers of corsets and fans of Corsettery.

Don’t forget to use that special discount code for Corsettery on Etsy with your order!

Etsy discount code


Waist Training Diaries- Part 2

In Part 1 of this short series on waist training, we discussed the 30 day waist training challenge held by through their Instagram.  In this challenge, 5 participants were sent free waist training corsets and asked to train with them for a period of 30 days.  In the last article, we discussed the motivations for participants to try waist training and talked about the importance of breaking in your corset and allowing your body to adjust to waist training building up the time training each day.   In this article we will dive into the results.  What was the experience like for these participants.  How did they feel about it? What were the objective and subjective changes in just 30 short days?

underbust corset under clothesWeek 2 is about refining and determining the sweet spot for how long to wear your waist training corset as well as when to wear it.  This is also the time to make an overall health plan.  Some participants took this as an opportunity to improve both their eating habits and their exercise level.  This is the time also when your body adjusts to the feeling of wearing a waist training corset.  One participant described wearing the corset as “not painful or uncomfortable but still a bit of a weird feeling.”  This is also the time to start tightening the laces of your corset.  Participants are able to tighten their corset by approximately 1-2” more than when they started.  More tightening means more waist training.  Yeah!!

Week 3 is when waist training really starts to kick in.  Participants found their sweet spot of knowing when and how much to wear their corset to meet their needs.  Some would wear for just a couple of hours a day while others would wear for 5 or 6 hours plus while they sleep.  It’s all about finding what works best for your body, your goals and your lifestyle.  This is when results start to be more noticeable.  One participant said that it encourages her muscles to work harder which made her stomach feel tighter and stronger and said her clothes fit much looser.  Another participant reduced her waist and ribs by 3 inches.

waist training with corset resultsThe final week of the waist training experiment has arrived.   All participants have noticed significant increases in the comfort level of wearing a waist training corset and compliment the quality and sturdiness of the Corsettery corsets.  All noticed reductions in their waist and hips and saw a definitive improvement in their “hourglass” shape.  One participant was so pleased that she did a boudoir photoshoot while wearing her corset and looking so beautiful in it. The experiment was certainly a success!!

Detaled waist training diaries are here.

Shiny glitter overbust authentic corset with long hip-line

Shiny And Glamouros

A new 2016 style of bright glitter corset was created to underline hourglasses shapes. It has a contrast pattern in front, long hips line and deep heart shaped bust line that makes waist line visually even thinner than ever! We have created several fashionable and wonderful looks using this black and white glitter corset as a cupless top.

Shiny glitter overbust authentic corset with long hip-line

The small bag with chain belt, classic make up with eye linet and rose lips, silk expensive scarf and almost male classic shoes – this is how you can balance on the edge of harmony wearing our crazy shiny corset as an everyday outfit and stay elegant.


Shiny glitter overbust authentic corset with long hip-line

These aparkling ballerina looks with tutu tulle skirts are so sweet with a bit naughty pendants, cute flats and simple square clutches. You can pick any you wish according to your style or amount of money.

Shiny glitter overbust authentic corset with long hip-line

Shiny silver shoes and accessories, big necklaces and shiny tight skirt will create absolutely brilliant prom or coctail look combined with our authentic black and white glitter corset.

Shiny glitter overbust authentic corset with long hip-line

Amazing long ball skirts, couture shoes, almost precious clutches and outstanding pieces of jewelry will create with this corset absolutely gorgeous and luxury evening outfits.

Waist Training Diaries- Part 1

waist training waspieDo corsets really work in training the waist?  Can they make you look thinner?  Can they give you more of an hourglass shape? wanted to find out.  So through their Instagram they held a corset waist training contest.  They asked for followers interested in this experiment to submit a short description of why they wanted to try waist training.  The entries were far reaching and heart felt.   Four winners were selected.   They were given a free waist training corset of their choice and were asked to wear it for 30 days, chronicling their experience in a diary they would be displayed on the site   In this part 1 of this 2 part series, I will discuss the motivations of some of the participants had to do waist training and the beginning results.  In the second part of the series, I will talk about the conclusion of the 30 day contest and what can be learned from it.

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